Different types of Beauty

People always like to ask me “Is make up in Western culture different then make up in Asian culture?

And my anwser is yes it is different. Because every culture has their own beauty standard.
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” 
We all have our own definition of beauty. Whenever there is a (new) trend in make up, for example foundation, I get the question “I heard foundation is really populair these days, which one would suit me?” Usually the people who ask me this have flawless skin. They don’t need it but if they would like to try it out, I would always advice using a foundation with a thin formula.
You can be inspired by different types of beauty trends but you are under no obligation to use or follow any of them. 
Beauty differences from person to person, from culture to culture, from time to time and from fashion trend to fashion trend.
Be inspired by all the beautiful things in the world, have fun and try things out.
Keep adding things to your list that makes you feel beautiful and alive.
Lots of love, デウィ

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